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Facilities under the control of ICAR:

A Symposium Hall of 257 seats, stage area, Audio-video facilities, front reception hall, VIP rooms, green rooms, documentation room and atrium. Entire area is completely air-conditioned. The following are the hiring charges for the entire facility:

Category Full Day
9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m
A. State Agricultural Universities Rs. 15,000/-
B. Central Government Rs. 25,000/-
C. State Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomous/ PSU National Societies etc Rs. 30,000/-
D. International Organizations/NGO/ Private Rs. 60,000/-

Accommodation at International Guest House in the NASC Complex: The Guest House situated in the Campus has sizable number of centrally air-conditioned rooms and suits, charges for booking the accommodation are as under:
(w.e.f. 1st April 2005)
 Single BedDouble Bed RoomSuites
NARS (ICAR/SAU) Officers on official visitRs. 110.00 Rs. 135.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 170.00 - double occupancy
Rs. 210.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 320.00 - double occupancy
NARS (ICAR/SAU) Officers including retired officials on private visitRs. 160.00Rs. 185.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 220.00 - double occupancy
Rs. 360.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 570.00 - double occupancy
Central Government / State Government / Central Govt. Autonomous organizations Officials on official visitRs. 200.00 Rs. 225.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 300.00 - double occupancy
Rs. 425.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 650.00 - double occupancy
Central Government / State Government / Central Govt. Autonomous organizations Officials on private visitRs. 225.00Rs. 275.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 350.00 - double occupancy
Rs. 525.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 750.00 - double occupancy
PSUs & others Rs. 375.00 Rs. 425.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 550.00 - double occupancy
Rs. 825.00 - single occupancy
Rs. 1250.00 - double occupancy
Foreigners -         SAARC Countries $ 21.00 $ 26.00 - single occupancy
$ 32.00 - double occupancy
$ 36.00 - single occupancy
$ 42.00 - double occupancy
Others $ 31.00 $ 46.00 - single occupancy
$ 62.00 - double occupancy
$ 61.00 - single occupancy
$ 77.00 - double occupancy

Note: Bed Tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner charges : (i) Bed tea Rs. 3.00 per cup/Rs. 5.00 per pot (Self preparation) (ii) Breakfast : Rs. 20.00 (iii) Lunch Rs. 30.00 Veg. Rs. 50.00 Non-veg (iv) Dinner : Rs. 35 Veg Rs. 60.00 Non-veg

Detailed guidelines and format for booking can be viewed / downloaded from www.icar.org.in
Booking requests can be sent to the following authority in the ICAR Hq.

Shri B.N. Rao
Deputy Secretary (GAC)
Room No. 25, Krishi Bhawan
New Delhi 110001
Ph. 23381378, 23388991/Ext. 460
Email: bnr@icar.delhi.nic.in
NASC E&M Cell Phone: 25842871
Email: bnr@icar.delhi.nic.in

Facilities under the control of the Academy:

As you are aware the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a primer Apex level Organization founded by eminent Agricultural Scientists in India in 1990 to provide a forum for Agricultural Scientists to interact on important and emerging issues of Agricultural Research and Education and providing views of the Scientific community as policy inputs to planners, decision makers at all levels.

To facilitate above interactions the Academy has equipped its premises with a lecture hall, 3 committee rooms of various capacities and related projection, audio-visual facilities. The Academy also letís out those facilities at a very nominal rates to other organizations for organizing science oriented activities. Guidelines for using these facilities and rents prescribed are mentioned hereunder:

1. Facilities would be available only for science-oriented activities.

2. The user should take prior permission/booking for use from Secretary or Executive Secretary before issuing notices to participants of the meeting.

3. Bookings would be made for use from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on working days only. In case of requirement prior to or beyond working hours, intimation has to be given at the time of booking; charges on pro-rata basis will be levied for the period.

4. Preference will be given to Fellows in case of competing demands.

5. Staff support and arrangement for lunches/transport should be made by the organizers themselves without expecting support from the Academy staff. Tea arrangements, if made by the Academy, will be on payment in accordance with prevailing rates.

6. Use of Academy equipment like computer, fax, telephone would be on payment basis at rates to be fixed from time to time; priority would be given to Academy work. Requirement of audio-visual equipment should be intimated at the time of booking/seeking permission.

7. In case of any breakage or damage of the equipment during the use, cost of repair / replacement would be reimbursed to the Academy.

8. No outsider will be authorized to handle Academy property without the consent of the competent Academy official.

9. Posters/Banners/Publicity material will be allowed to be displayed only at the specified places provided for the purpose.

10. The rates for using Academyís facilities will be as follows:

  Facility Rates for using the facilities per day
I. Committee Rooms/Lecture Hall  
  125 capacity(Lecture Hall) Rs. 7000
  50 capacity (Committee Room I)
(mike facility for all the participants)
Rs. 2500
  50 capacity (Committee Room II)
(mike facility for 26 personal only)
Rs. 2500
  35 capacity (Committee Room III)
(this has no provision for A/V Facilities)
Rs. 1500
II. Audio visual Equipment  
  LCD Projector / Accessories (with Computer) Rs. 2000
  OHP/Slide Projector Rs. 500 each
  Colour T.V. Rs. 500
  VCP/VCR Rs. 500 each
  T.V./VCP Rs. 500 each
  Digital Camera/Conventional Camera without film Rs. 500
  Telephone Rs. 500
  Computer + Printer (Laser) Rs. 1500

Please click here for a layout of the available meeting facilities of NAAS premises.

Request for booking of the NAAS facilities may be sent (accompanied by rental money in the form of DD/Local cheques) to:

The Executive Secretary
National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
NASC Complex, Pusa Campus
New Delhi 110012
Phone Nos.: 25846051,52, 25841253; Fax. 25846054
Email: naas@vsnl.com

Note: For catering / refreshment arrangements at the above facilities organizers are to contact ICAR appointed caterer who is available in the NASC Guest House. He can be contacted at 011 25846124, 25846374.

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